The Flamenco Festival Committee is a group of flamenco and Spanish culture enthusiasts
who work closely with like minded individuals and organizations worldwide to bring flamenco
and related events to Singapore and beyond. We created
"Flamenco Asia Pte Ltd" to help
us keep organized and do our best to continuously grow and strengthen the flamenco
presence, participation and enjoyment in Singapore, Asia and worldwide.

Carmen is a multimedia artist. She has 3 passions in life, the Children, the Seventh Art and
the Art of Flamenco. One of her dreams is to convey the beauty of Arts and Cultural
heritages to the young. Her
clubexplor, art and culture center and Feria de Abril in Singapore
are two of the ways she tries to do this.

Marien is a flamenco lover from Seville, Spain. She has enjoyed Feria de Abril in Seville
since she was born. Marien is very happy to be part of the Feria de Abril in Singapore and to
find such good friends that share the same passion. Marien is now living in Seville and
supporting us from there.

Miho is one of the founders of the Singapore Flamenco Circle, loves flamenco and tries to
learn everything about flamenco-dance, guitar, song...etc. After she visited Seville with her
husband, Roger, several years ago, it became one of her dreams to have La Feria de Abril in

Roger is Miho's very supportive partner and assistant. In his spare time, he is a consultant
and the owner of
Global Strategy Associates.

Flamenco Asia Pte Ltd was established by the Flamenco Festival Committee to promote
flamenco and Spanish culture in Asia.

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