Feria de Abril
La Feria de Abril (The April Fair) has been held annually in Seville, the capital of Andalucia, Spain
for more than 150 years. It was originally organized as a cattle fair, but soon grew into a larger, more
general festival which involved all the citizens of Seville. As the Feria grew in popularity, many tourists
came from all over the world to participate.

                                                    La Feria in Spain

La Feria now lasts for an entire week. It takes place in a vast area just outside the city where hundreds
of CASETAS (decorated marquee tents) are built. The casetas belong to prominent families of Seville,
companies, groups of friends and others. Inside the casetas, people dance

SEVILLANAS, a folkloric dance, drink wine from Jerez, eat TAPAS and have fun till the next
morning everyday!
Sevillanas is an easy and fun dance to learn. There is a vast variety of music which it can be danced
with. In Spain there are new Sevillanas songs every year. During La Feria in Singapore, you will hear a
lot of them as well as some RUMBA FLAMENCA and other flamenco music. If you want to learn
how to dance Sevillanas or Rumba, you can join the workshop which we organize before the Feria.
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