Feria de Abril
How it started
Feria de Abril 2006 in Singapore
We love flamenco and La Feria de Abril, a festival that has been held annually in Seville, Spain
for over 100 years. It was one of our dreams to have La Feria in Singapore. We had the first
Feria de Abril "party" in 2006 at a home and around 80 friends came and loved it! Those who
could not come due to the limited space complained. Therefore we decided to do it in a larger
scale in 2007.

Feria de Abril 2007 in Singapore
In 2007, we held La Feria at Chijmes. It became an enjoyable two-day festival to share and
promote flamenco and Spanish Feria in Singapore. We tried to create the ambiance of La Feria
including CASETAS (decorated marquee tents), music, drinks and food, everything we need to
have fun. We also had flamenco dancing, singing and guitar performances by guest artists from
Spain and local groups. There was also a photo exhibition by prominent Spanish and
Argentinean photographers. Several hundred people came to participate, dance and watch the

Caseta under construction                 Poster -2007                      Rehearsal in the caseta

Guest Performers                        SFC Members                               DSC Dancers

Feria de Abril 2008 in Singapore
We had a lot of great feedback from the participants in Feria de Abril 2007 and, of course, we
decided to do it again in 2008! As expected, the 2008 event was sold out with hundreds
watching, dancing and having fun both inside and outside the performance and exhibition
casetas. Please visit
"What's New" page to see details! Photos of the 2008 Feria can be found
on our
home page, 2008 Photos page, Flamenco Land and En español pages.

Feria de Abril 2009 in Singapore
The 2009 event set another new record for attendance and enthusiastic participation. Please
click here to see evidence so some of the fun!

Feria de Abril VI -- April, 2012 in Singapore
Updates for the event will be posted on the web site as our plans develop. We, as always,
appreciate any help others may want to provide as well as your ideas and suggestions for making
the event even more enjoyable for all.
Feria in Singapore
Feria de Abril V - April 16-17, 2011 in Singapore

A new venue and another great Feria with capacity attendance at Loewen Gardens in
Singapore. Please see our photo pages as well as the our events page for posters, programs
and more.