October 1, 2008
Press Release
For immediate release

Company Name: Flamenco Asia Pte Ltd
Contact: Roger Moore, +65-9669-0070, roger@flamencoasia.com
Event Details        
Name: Tierra Flamenca, the soul of Spain in the heart of Singapore
Type: Flamenco dance/singing performance
Date: 31 October 2008
Venue: DBS Auditorium
Time/Duration: 8pm; 2 hours including 20 minute intermission
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Tierra Flamenca
…..the soul of Spain in the heart of Singapore

Flamenco Asia has announced that it has been successful in booking a group of 6
professional flamenco performers from Jerez, Spain. The group, “Tierra Flamenca” will
perform one night only at DBS Auditorium at 8pm on Friday, 31 October 2008.

The Art of Flamenco
Born out of a mix of races in Andalusia, flamenco today is universal. As authentic as its
homeland yet as free and vital as its greatest interpreters – the gypsies - it is, as it was
then - a radical art form. At its core is cante (song), baile (dance), and toque (guitar), a
dynamic conversation where the singer creates, the dancer reacts, and the guitar unifies.
Cante and compas (rhythm cycles) are the backbone of this profound trilogy.

Jerez de la Frontera
In the ´land of flamenco´ artists grow as plentiful as grapes on vines and the sun scorches
the patios in the gypsy neighbourhoods of Santiago and San Miguel; Jerez stands out
among other flamenco towns. Historically known as the ´cuna del cante´ (womb of song)
and finally recognised officially as ´the City of Flamenco´ it has given birth to many of the
greatest legends in flamenco and it continues to do so to this day. Apart from its rich
history of cante, it also prides itself on its flamenco ´aire´ (feeling or expression) and on
being the source of a unique sound and rhythm - ´soniquete.´

´Tierra Flamenca´ is a dream finally made reality; the opportunity to share in Singapore a
slice of the source that fuels our passion. This program is a celebration of Jerez which is
the musical basis of the choreography, and our connection with these artists. We hope
you will be inspired, as we have been, by the heart, power, and spontaneity of the
traditional (flamenco puro).'

This is a rare opportunity to enjoy “real” flamenco in Singapore. More information can be
found at www.flamencoasia.com  Tickets may be reserved at