Feria de Abril
Solo Flamenco
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This group was formed in June 2010 in Singapore. Their first public
performance will be at The Esplanade on The 2nd and 8rd of September
2010. The group's members  all reside in Singapore and are from Spain and
Japan. They have been flamenco lovers and performers for many years.
The Singapore Flamenco Circle
The Singapore Flamenco Circle (SFC) was formed in 2000 by a group of
people who love flamenco and devote time to promote flamenco in Singapore.

The main activities of The Circle are flamenco practice, information
exchange and public events
Past Years Feria de Abril Performers

In addition to Las Reinas Gitanas and members of The Singapore
Flamenco Circle
, The following groups/individuals  also performed at
Feria de Abril 2008:

  • Antonio Soria, Flamenco Singer/Instructor

  • Many individuals, perhaps including you, on The dance floors
Performing Groups
Performing Groups