Important figures in flamenco's evolution
The evolution of flamenco also owes a debt at this same time to The
appearance of Paco de Lucia who along with a few contemporaries
developed The guitar along lines that permitted a more lyrical and
expanded expression. The left hand was liberated to roam over The
whole fret board and lightning speed developed for both left and right
hands. The partnership of Paco de Lucia (often with his brother Ramon
de Algeciras) with The young singer El Camaron de la Isla produced
some of The most important flamenco which has had a profound effect
on The recent evolution. Camaron regrettably died of cancer years
ago, but has left a fabulous--if uneven--legacy of recordings. During
The 1980s and 1990s, flamenco has tended to become split between
The traditional style and The fusion with jazz and rock. Some form of
evolution is essential and flamenco presently is in an exciting stage of
development in The hands of a number of superb performers such as
Enrique Morente and Carmen Linares.
Important figures in
flamenco's evolution

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