Feria de Abril

           Reinas Gitanas (The Gypsy Queens)

How was this group formed?

We are a group of friends that share a passion for Flamenco. We started rehearsing
together in order to prepare for the Feria de Abril Singapore 2007 / April
Fair-Flamenco Festival Singapore 2007 (a unique event seen for the first time in
Singapore and with the same name and purpose as the one in Seville). Without a
doubt, we do this for fun and as a way to promote our folklore.

It is very fulfilling to know that because many people liked our performances,
something that came up as a fun gathering has turned into a more professional
activity. Our group is very committed practices weekly and even or often before the
performances...Where we are from?

Amelia..antander, Spain
Carmen..Madrid, Spain
Cristina . Mexico City, Mexico
Charo..Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Marien..Sevilla, Spain
Paloma..Malaga, Spain
Terry..Cadiz, Spain
Valle..Sevilla, Spain
Viviana. Buenos Aires, Argentina