Flamenco in concerts
The second setting, the professional concert is more formal and
organized. The traditional singing performance has only one singer
and one guitar, while a dancing performance usually includes two or
three guitars, one or more singers and one or more dancers.A guitar
concert used to include a single guitarist, with no other support,
though this is now extremely rare except for a few guitarists. The
so-called New Flamenco has included other instruments, like the now
ubiquitous cajon, flutes or saxophones, piano or other keyboards, or
even the bass guitar and the electric guitar.

Flamenco artists
A great number of flamenco artists are not capable of performing in
both settings at the same level. There are still many artists, some of
them with an excellent level, who only perform in juergas, or at most
in private parties with a small audience. As to their training in the
art, traditional flamenco artists never received any formal training:
they learned in the context of the family, by listening and watching
their relatives, friends and neighbors. Since the appearance of
recordings, though, they have relied more and more on audiovisual
materials to learn from other famous artists. Today, dancers and
guitarists (and sometimes even singers) take lessons in schools or in
short courses organized by famous performers. Some guitarists can
even read music or learn from teachers in other styles like classical
guitar or jazz and many dancers take courses in contemporary
dance or classical Spanish ballet.
Flamenco in concerts
Flamenco Artists
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