Camino Flamenco

Join us on an intimate and insightful journey on

The Road to Flamenco anthology showing the origins of the gypsies and
Flamenco’s evolution to its present day expressions.
Tracing the journey of the gypsies starting from Rajasthan
(India), to Turkey and Egypt, through North Africa to
Morocco and finally into south of Spain- Andalusia,
where the Jewish and Moorish cultures have been
established for centuries, the programme looks at the
intriguing influences of Indian and Arabic elements in

The Indian segment will be introduced by the
renowned Classical Indian dancer Gayatri Sriram
and presented by her talented disciples.

The Middle Eastern segment will be performed by
the celebrated artistes Chang Hsiao Min (dancer)
and Gavin Choo (percussionist).

The Flamenco segment, under the direction of
Maestro Antonio Vargas and supported by the local dancers
of Flamenco Sin Fronteras, feature special guest artistes
Antonio Soria (singer), Elena Varga (dancer) and
renowned tabla player Nawaz Mirajkar.

The evening’s highlights include a “mano-a-mano”, a
spectacular display of rhythmic dialogues among the Indian,
Arabic, and Flamenco artistes, including a special
collaboration between Antonio Vargas and Nawaz Mirajkar

D a t e & T i m e: 2 5 t h A p r i l 2 0 0 9
S a t u r d a y, 8:3 0 p m

V e n u e: D B S A u d i t o r i u m
6 S h e n t o n W a y ,
D B S B u i l d i n g T o w e r O n e  
L e v e l 3, Singapore 068809

T i c k e t s: CAT A $ 5 0 / CAT B $3 5 / CAT C $ 2 5
( 2 0 % s t u d e n t d i s c o u n t f o r C A T B / C t i c k e t s )
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